Amidst the chaos, Manhattan still a stable investment

4:35 pm, December 29, 2011 By Karen Heller – Real Estate Weekly Every quarter, the largest Manhattan residential real estate firms gather their internal data and look back on closed sales, average prices, and trends. Interestingly, the last quarter saw striking accord amongst the firms (including Halstead/Brown Harris Stevens, Corcoran, Stribling, and Prudential Douglas Elliman)…. Read More


2011年12月01日上午11:30 From The Real Deal   降近幾個月來在曼哈頓的中國買家人數不斷增加,大量購買公寓為他們上大學的子女,DNAinfo 報導。 中國買家往往花費大約150萬美元的公寓附近的孩子“高校,根據斯特里布林&Associates的秋季市場報告。 在討論一個來自中國的的客戶端,誰買他的大學公寓,一家房地產顧問斯圖爾特說:“賈斯汀”,他們想要一個比一個宿舍時,他們把自己的舒適區[兒童]更舒適的環境,兒子。  “他們的兒子或女兒得到住在這裡,和它的投資機會,他們獲得了獎杯財產。” 公寓的地址是很重要的,經紀人說,中國買家想高調的地址。同樣重要的是公寓,接近有關大學。 “教育是許多家庭的頭號關注。不管他們能做到,使其為自己的孩子更容易到這裡去上大學,他們將”斯圖爾特說。 [DNAinfo]  

Chinese buy NYC condos so children don’t have to stay in dorms

December 01, 2011 11:30AM from the Real Deal Of the ever-increasing  number of Chinese buyers descending on Manhattan in recent months, a substantial number are buying up apartments for their college-bound children, DNAinfo reported. Chinese buyers tend to spend roughly $1.5 million on apartments near their kids’ colleges, according to Stribling & Associates’ fall market… Read More

Chinese are buying luxury condos, too

August 12, 2011 01:00PM From The Real Deal Not only are Chinese banks investing millions of dollars in New York real estate, but Chinese business people are also increasingly buying luxury condominiums in Manhattan, the New York Times reported. The average sale is a one-bedroom apartment for about $1.45 million, Pamela Liebman, CEO of the… Read More

Chinese Purchases Of U.S. Real Estate Poised To Rise

Chinese Purchases Of U.S. Real Estate Poised To Rise Author: Russell Flannery is a senior editor and the Shanghai bureau chief of Forbes magazine. A fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker now in his 11th year at Forbes, Russell compiles the Forbes China Rich List, Hong Kong Rich List, and Taiwan Rich List. Russell was previously a… Read More